The British are Coming! Just in time for our 375th Anniversary Celebration.

Thanks for Jeanne Harrison for lending her artistic talents and patriotic vision to our Town’s 375th Birthday celebration.  Ms. Harrison is leading the recreation of the Fire Hydrant Brigade of Colonial Soldiers to keep Fairfield safe and secure from British invasion.

Between now and January 2014 – the start of our birthday celebration – you will notice more and more fire hydrants around town donning historic costumes to recognize our history and heritage. Part of what makes Fairfield special is our place in the nation’s formation and development. Our ancestors and relatives were there when it all began. We helped get the ball rolling.

This is just the start, we have a lot planned for the 375th so stay tuned.

Again, special thanks to Ms. Harrison and her team of artists decorating our town.


PS – thanks also to Aquarion Co for allowing us to paint their fire hydrants and to our Fire Dept for making sure we do it in a safe manner.