First Selectman’s Perspective on Fairfield

February 20, 2018

As we look toward the some of the challenges we face in the upcoming years, it is important that we have a vision for our town that embodies the essence of what makes Fairfield so unique and special. While I recognize there are many different perspectives, here is how I see our Town:

We are a family friendly and neighborhood oriented community that values our top quality school system and our fine libraries. We value living in a safe and secure community.

We work diligently on providing opportunities for our seniors to be able to afford stay in town and to have plenty of activities and services to make them want to stay here.

We have a vibrant local economy. We are a destination for culture, the arts, dining, entertainment and shopping for the region.

We are a leader in sustainability – especially in the use of green and renewable energy options. We do our best to be responsible and protect the environment.

We work daily to strengthen our financial foundation and make responsible decisions about our future. We are committed to planning for and meeting our long-term obligations.

We value our historic character and the important roles our citizens have played in shaping our community. We strive to keep our heritage alive for future generations.

We value and respect our open spaces, parks, beaches and recreational opportunities our town provides.

We want Fairfield to be a good value for all who live here today and tomorrow.

Thank you,