Town Budget Update

With the signing of the State Budget by the Governor, here is an update on Fairfield.

Our Town is approximately back to where we were on July 1, 2017.  We are still suffering from over $800,000 in cuts that the RTM made in the budget to funds that would have been used for infrastructure, paving and the Library.  In addition, we are still recovering from the $4 million the State cut in Fairfield Municipal Aid in the FY 2017 budget, including over $2.5 million in Education Cost Sharing (ECS) funding.

The Library is beginning to hire the replacement staff needed to restore hours which should occur in early January.

The Town will be continuing the strategic hiring freeze and will cautiously be releasing some capital projects.  We are still concerned about Municipal Aid cuts in December when the State gets updated revenue numbers for the current year.

Last December, Fairfield was cut by over $500,000.  There may be further State cuts later this fiscal year, too.  We are going to continue to tightly manage our expenses and capital projects.  We have learned that any revenue from the State is not guaranteed until we have the check in hand.

Thanks for taking time to read this important update.