Impact of No State Budget on Fairfield

I expect we will see an increasing number of stories on the devastating impact of no State budget on towns and cities around Connecticut.  I just want to remind residents that my administration has been taking steps to protect Fairfield. We have had a strategic hiring freeze in place since early last spring.  We managed our expenses to generate a surplus last fiscal year.  We also have a hold on capital projects and have made adjustments to the current fiscal year budget.

All of these proactive measures have put Fairfield in a position to survive the year with no state budget if required.  These moves also provide a certain amount of financial flexibility to handle some of the new State budget proposals being discussed.

You will continue to hear about the trauma many towns are going through. We have planned ahead, anticipating the difficulties at the State level.  We started earlier than most towns. We are better prepared than most towns to navigate the challenges of the year ahead.

As always, thanks for your support.