Governor Announces Municipal Aid Update

Today, the Governor gave his update on the Municipal Aid levels for each town. This is the State operating plan until a State Budget is passed. Here is a sampling for selected Towns:

Fairfield is reduced by $4 Million

Milford is reduced by $14 Million

Newtown is reduced by $7 Million

Stratford is reduced by $23 Million

West Hartford is reduced by $24 Million

Westport is reduced by $1 Million

Hartford is reduced by $55 Million

Greenwich is reduced by $500,000

Darien is reduced by $600,000

New Canaan is reduced by $500,000

Bridgeport is reduced by $31 Million

With the exception of Hartford and Bridgeport, the towns listed have been reduced to virtually zero in Municipal Aid.

In Fairfield’s case, we have been planning for a significant reduction in Aid if no State Budget was passed. We have taken actions since the start of the fiscal year on July 1st including a strategic hiring freeze and a hold on capital purchases.  I have also asked for a survey by our Department Managers of other towns’ procedures to share best practices and learn what we can do better.

The Governor’s update is disappointing, but not a surprise. We have taken the steps needed to minimize the impact on our residents and town services. I want to compliment our Department Managers for their help and creative approaches in handling the hiring freeze in each of their departments. This is not an easy adjustment to lose $4 million in revenue this far into the fiscal year.  By planning early and being proactive, we have worked together to minimize the impact on our residents.

When you look at the size of these reductions to towns across the State, you realize how important getting a State Budget passed is to everyone. Let’s work together to call on our State Assembly to pass a well-balanced state budget as soon as possible.

Thank you, Mike Tetreau